You have probably heard all the hype about making BIG $ with Real Estate Investing. Everywhere you look there is another 'system' to buy, a 'program' to set up, or expensive Seminar to 'enroll' in. Most of these 'Get Rich Quick' money themes are confusing, overwhelming, time-consuming, and downright EXPENSIVE!
My Audio Product gives cheap, simple, easy, and straighforward advice to get started for the Complete Beginner. You need no experience at all!

After all, if a Single Mom, without ANY Real Estate Education can make big $ and quit her job working part-time, so can ANYONE!

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The one thing most programs, systems, and seminars do not provide is Guidance on whether Real Estate Investing is for you, or what the Advantages and Disadvantages are of different Real Estate Investment Strategies.

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My name is Julia M. Spencer and even though I have two Master's degrees, I have never taken any sort of formal education or training in the Real Estate field. Even so, I have made a successful part-time work/ full-time pay career out of trial-and-error Real Estate Investing. This shows that with a little dedication and self determination, anyone can do what I did- EVEN YOU.

There is always something new to learn in Real Estate and I am a firm Believer in the 'Learn-AND-Try method'- so I have become an expert in a very narrow field where I have made all the mistakes possible.
Let me share my experience with you and save you valuable Time, Effort, and Hassle.

"As a multimillionaire, I have a team of financial advisors:
Several different types of attorneys, an accountant, a retirement fund manager, an investment fund manager, etc.
 I also have a Real Estate Advisor. And her name is Julia M. Spencer. She’s the best in her field. 
If you want to make the right decisions in Real Estate, I suggest you put her on your team too."
Steve G. Jones
Clinical Hypnotherapist

See what other Customers had to say:

"We are a couple from Europe searching for a property to buy in the U.S. for several years. The big issue is the money, since no lender is willing to provide a loan unless we contribute a 40% or 50% downpayment, which is too much for us. So we asked Julia if she had any ideas and did she ever! She advised us on several easier and cheaper ways to purchase a Home, which we immediately checked and her advice indeed worked. We had given up on our dream to own a property in the U.S., and Julia gave us back the hope and the dream. We will definitely be homeowners and we thank Julia for that." Petra and Joe van Schendel Luxembourg
"I’ve known Julia M. Spencer for over 20 years now and she has always been very honest and forthcoming in everything she does. Her Real Estate record is impressive along with her knowledge of Real Estate. She is very passionate about Real Estate and if you spend just 5 minutes listening to her, you will see what I mean. Take the opportunity to learn from Julia as she will put the “M” in your middle name for Money."
Ishmael Muhammad
"A long time ago I have resigned to always being a low Income tenant at an apartment complex. Julia gave me the hope, the plan, and the tools so now I am well on my way to be a Homeowner. Her programs are easy to understand, fact filled, and based on good common sense/ experience, unlike other online programs which are sometimes very confusing. The best is Julia is always accessible and knowledgeable on really any topic related to Real Estate and she is an extremely smart businessperson. Give Julia's programs a try today, you will not be disappointed." Lutz Bobelak Melbourne, FL

The Knowledge in this Audiobook is Hands-On and has been accumulated through 25 years of experience and trial-and-error for you. Each chapter is packed with 20 minutes, or more, of tips, tricks, examples, and stories from real experiences. This Audiobook is useful if you are a Beginner to Real Estate Investing, Property Owner, or if you want to learn more about making extra cash on the side or as a tax write-off.

Modules 1-15 Include these Topics:

1.) Why to start investing in Real Estate
2.) Why Real Estate Investing ALWAYS beats Savings
3.) How to choose Real Estate to Buy
4.) Where to find Deals
5.) Tax Lien Foreclosures Part A
6.) Tax Lien Foreclosures Part B
7.) Regular Foreclosures
8.) Short Sales
9.) Flipping
10.) Your Real Estate Investment Team
11.) Fixing Real Estate Investment Blunders
12.) Keeping Maintenance Low
13.) Timeshares, Condos, Vacation Houses
14.) Finding great Tenants
15.) Buying for Personal Use

'Real Estate Investing is not my full-time job and it does not have to be yours neither. This is something you can do as a student, a full-time employee, or a retiree! Anybody can get into it but you must absolutely have the Tools to do it smartly. I can teach you how to avoid common mistakes, without using 2 decades to get there, what to look for, and how to get the biggest return on your Investment. Whether you want to buy a cheaper home for yourself, want a little side Income, want to strike it big in Real Estate, or are simply confused about Real Estate as a whole, I am here to help. Most importantly: You will be able to understand and put my words into action and profit immediately!'
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